Visit Creative Director Katrin Bååths Studio
Katrin Bååth Studio
Photo: Katrin Bååth

It is a stylish and consistent interior design that characterizes photographer and creative director Katrin Bååth’s Studio. An inspiring atmosphere has been created, which is essential when she works with creative processes.

A creative display

Contrasts are combined tastefully with simplicity and the black display cabinet works beautifully as a display. The cabinet becomes a visual window into Katrin’s creative universe, which ranges from developing visual solutions for customers to podcasts about entrepreneurship, creativity and finding out what drives you and other power topics.

Katrin Bååth Studio Classic V2 Black Day-photography closeup
Coffee table books and quirky details
Katrin Bååth Studio Classic V2 Black Day-photography closeup 2
Creative tools and color palettes
Collaboration with Lindebjerg Design

Lindebjerg Design collaborates with professionals across industries and countries. If you have a project that you would like to discuss with us, call +45 26 40 00 81 or contact us.

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