Christmas in Ordrup

Few square meters - great Christmas atmosphere
Christmas in Ordrup Gift decoration
Photo: Søren Staun // Høgh & Møller

Christmas spirit in the cabinet

Lindbjerg Design’s marketing employee, Annemarie Lindebjerg, shows her apartment in Ordrup in the Christmas spirit. The apartment is 34 square meters and alternative solutions must be thought of when December calls for Christmas decorations and sweets.

Christmas in Ordrup sweets and mulled wine
Beautiful white amaryllis and candles in alabaster creates a warm atmosphere

In accordance with tradition, the room must be decorated and filled with Christmas cheer and mulled wine for family and friends.

‘I love December and the activities that come with that time of year.
It is obvious to use my vitrine to emphasize the Christmas atmosphere.
The large glass sections and wide shelves make it possible
to create small still-lifes that each represent Christmas in their own way’

Annemarie PR Marketing
Annemarie Lindebjerg

Still-life on the shelf

Christmas in Ordrup Muffin form white bowls
French bowls create a beautiful still-life on the shelf
Christmas in Ordrup sweets and mulled wine
A scent of cinnamon and white mulled wine gives guests a warm welcome
Christmas in Ordrup Christmas box with Santa
An antique Christmas cookie tin is filled with goodies
Christmas in Ordrup Shelf Glass Candy cane
Small details create a Christmas atmosphere
Christmas in Ordrup Gifts on the shelf
The Christmas presents adorn the wide shelves in the vitrine


A large classic cabinet gives the room character and creates space even in a few square meters. The model here is from Lindebjerg Design’s Classic Collection and is called V2 White.
Spacious and a beautiful display that inspires and lets your personality shine through the large glass sections.

Christmas in Ordrup Classic V2 white View angle
The display cabinet defines the room and creates a beautiful frame for Christmas decorations
Collaboration with Lindebjerg Design

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