Display cabinet in Scandinavian design

The display cabinet – stylish and personal

The display cabinet is a French invention from the nineteenth century, to show the estates exquisite china etc. A cabinet however is useful for many other things. There is something especially stylish the way in which a cabinet can display a bunch of white, folded towels in the bathroom. The way it can frame ones favourite books and travel memories.

Practical and beautiful

A cabinet is a very special piece of furniture, which combine the beautiful and the practical and creates an elegant focus on the exhibited items. It is useful for so many purposes. As a linen closet. For the fine wine glasses. For plates and other tableware in the kitchen, for perfume and jewellery in the bathroom, for books… There are undreamt possibilities, and that especially was the first reason that attracted us to design a display cabinet. That you with a functional piece of furniture can create a simple and very personal style.

The personal impression in the modern home

Our cabinets have a light expression, and are easy to arrange in all types of interior to make it personal. When you hold the design so tight and simple, the content is exhibit so much more, and thereby you develop a far more personal style and expression in your home. Our design, on the same time timeless and classy, bridge over the demand of function and design in the modern home.

Flexible piece of furniture with great possibilities

The display cabinet is a flexible piece of furniture with great possibilities accommodated to your choice. It fits in easy in the modern home and with the elegant colours, it can adjust to the homes shifting expressions, so that the cabinet is not only a modern piece of furniture today, the tight design and expression will last long into the future.

Four sizes, four colours

The cabinets come in four different sizes and in four simple but beautiful shades – in White, Black, Grey and Anthracite.