Image of Lindebjerg Design Dark Oak vitrine cabinets & Tables Series

Vitrine Collection

Express your personality through a glass vitrine

Books in a vitrine awaken curiosity

There is something stylish about an open and visible vitrine. Glass on both sides and front allows you to show your nice stuff and at the same time express your personality.

The single narrow vitrine is most often used for bookcase in the living room. Travel books, bestsellers and major reference books take their place and give inspiration to your guest.

Highlight your porcelain behind glass doors

The double vitrine forms a special frame for the porcelain in the large kitchen, where there is room for both dining-and cooking area. The times when we only brought out the fine porcelain on special occasions are over and we want on a daily basis to surround ourselves with aesthetic stuff.

The large vitrine highlights the details of your porcelain that you want to show. Nostalgic vintage bowls in combination with today’s design are beautifully displayed behind the transparent glass doors of the big vitrine.

Jewelry box on the shelves

Wall-hung narrow vitrines have gained a larger space in the modern home. The vitrine acts as a showcase where your small favorites are exhibited. In the bathroom, scent series and jewelry box are placed on the narrow shelves.

Unique and travel memories behind the glass

In general, the wall-hung display is an obvious opportunity to show your unique items and travel memories. The transparent glass in the sides allows the daylight shine on the special objects, so the memories are extended.