Image of Lindebjerg Design Dark Oak Tables in a room with interior

Table Collection

Functional tables with simplicity and classic expression

Functional and classic console

Lindebjerg Design has designed a classic console. A functional piece of furniture in dark-stained oak, paying homage to the classic approach to Danish design. A console with this form of expression looks beautiful in modern homes, where the workspace is an integral part of the furniture.

Today’s desk

The expression of the desk today takes many forms. Different designs are being played, as this particular piece of furniture is more important in the home than before. Today, we are used to having days working from home where we can enjoy our coffee. As we live in a digital paperless world so you can now give your desk a different and more visible space. Whether you live large or on fewer square meters.

Classic icon in the entrance

In addition, the aesthetic console can also be presented at the entrance. As your guests enter the door, this classic icon will welcome your guests with pride. A tall vase with seasonal flowers and a beautiful bowl for your keys on the solid table top supports the idea that functionality and design go beautifully hand in hand and give the entrance, which is mainly used only for shoes and coats, character.

Magazines on the console

The tall slim console is an obvious piece of furniture to place in the room where you welcome people. Therefore, the console is also a well-known piece of furniture in the waiting room. Both in receptions and in hotel foyers, you will find magazines and newspapers beautifully placed on the console.

The workplace in the hotel

In hotel rooms around the world, you will often see a narrow console designed for a laptop for the one who is on short business trips. The one that simply needs a workstation for a few days. Hotels choose timeless furniture where design and functionality works together. A piece of furniture that stylishly pierces the eyes and creates a quiet space when working.

The coffee table in the soft corner

Like the dining table, the coffee table has taken a central place in the sofa area. The soft corner creates the space for closeness and enjoyment with the family. The coffee table gives you another plateau to show your beautiful things and support the cosy atmosphere. Put flowers and curved branches in the nostalgic vase. The unique ceramic cups will be filled with green tea when you visit your girlfriends. A good glass of wine is enjoyed after a good dinner. A coffee table creates a beautiful base to fulfill the good feeling of joy.

Take a seat on the bench

Due to the height – 40 centimeters, Lindebjerg Design’s coffee table is also used as a low bench. An obvious choice that can be placed in the entrance when lace need to be tied.

Lamps and lanterns on the bench

Others use the bench as an exhibition table to put on high lamps and lanterns. Like Lindebjerg Design’s lowest table model – with a height of 20 centimeters – the bench allows you to create a spot to represent your more functional stuff like a lamp or bowl with fruit.

Inspiring low coffee table

The height of the low table is 20 centimeters. An inspiring ‘nice to have’ that gives your room a little extra finesse. Place it along the wall with your coffee table books, as a daily reminder of your passions and desire for immersion in precisely that which shows a bite of your personal interests.