Image of Lindebjerg Design Dark Oak Vitrine cabinet V2 in use by woman


Nordic Design that lasts for generations

18th-century vitrine

The word ‘Vitrine’ comes from French with reference to the word ‘vitre’, which means glass. The vitrine cabinet has over the years had several opportunities for use with different designs. Many people know the classic heavy vitrine as a closed model from French country kitchens, where everything from dishes and bowls to jams with seasonal vegetables is stored for the winter.

Elegant glass vitrine for silverware

The vitrine cabinet evolved over time and became more palatable. Glass panes at the sides and in front are part of the renewal. The vitrine cabinet now occupies the fine living rooms with silverware and porcelain figurines. A more grandiose functionality, where the exhibition of valuable things was part of the image, we at that time wanted to show our guests.

Today’s classic vitrine

And there is something particularly stylish about an open and visible vitrine. A cabinet with glass at the sides and on the doors allows you to present your beautiful things and thus express your personality. The Nordic style is light and simple, and therefore this way of storage in the form of a vitrine fits very well in today’s modern interior style.

Light shines through the glass

A particularly beautiful element is the light thrown through the pane of the vitrine. The slim wooden frames that surround the glass throw shadows on the wall as the light penetrates. Details worth considering when purchasing a vitrine cabinet. In general, our design is characterized by strong tight lines. The daylight – especially the Nordic – plays with the lines of the vitrine and supports the simplicity and highlights of your things and the color of the wall.

Books in the vitrine awake curiosity

The one-door vitrine is most often used as a bookcase in the living room. It is a pleasure to visit people and be allowed to open the vitrine cabinet and have a sneak peek into their treasure chest. Travel books, bestsellers and major reference books take their place and provides great inspiration for your guests.

Vitrine cabinets for small apartments

For small apartments, a single tall vitrine is an obvious choice. In a minor kitchen where pots and pans are hidden in drawers, you can choose to have a vitrine for your porcelain, plates and glass. A vitrine cabinet highlights the details and you don’t have to worry about square metres. It simply defines your room and is the extended arm to your kitchen.

Highlight your porcelain behind glass doors

The double vitrine cabinet forms a special frame for the porcelain of a large kitchen, where there is room for both dining and cooking area. The times when we only brought out the finest porcelain on special occasions are last decade. Now we enjoy showing our objects, regardless of whether they are meant to be used for functional or decorative purposes. Even a little mess can look great behind the glass.

Show your personality

The vitrine gives a room the right atmosphere and shows the things that fit the expression of your environment. We love surrounding ourselves with aesthetic objects and create a cozy atmosphere in our homes. Behind the glass, you can create scenarios and collect unique objects to show who you are and what characterizes you.

Vintage beautifully mixed with modern design

The large vitrine cabinet highlights the details of your objects on display. Nostalgic vintage bowls in combination with today’s designs are beautifully displayed behind the transparent glass doors of the classic vitrine.

Jewelry and cufflinks on the shelves

Wall-hung narrow vitrines have gained more space in our homes. The vitrine acts as a showcase where your small favorites are exhibited. In the bathroom, your favorite fragrances are placed on the narrow shelves. In the bedroom, a wall-hung vitrine will present your jewelry box and cufflinks in a sophisticated way.

Unique items and travel memories behind the glass

Generally, the wall-mounted vitrine cabinet is a golden opportunity to let your little unique and travel memories appear. The transparent glass at the sides of the cabinet makes the light shine on the special objects. Your passion for details will be remembered and titillate your senses for aesthetic.

Dark-stained oak and masculine decor

Like a distinguished gentleman in a classic and well-considered suit, our dark-stained vitrine cabinet refines the attitude of your interior. A consistent choice of uniqueness based on sophistication and good taste. Simplicity in the design and elegant structure of the tree awakens the senses and you want to run your hand over the beautiful surfaces.

Tailored Nordic color palette

Today, people are more curious and want to express their creativity through colors in their choice of interior for their homes. Rooms change character and style along with fashion trends and trendsetting blogs. We are inspired to dare to play with both shapes and colors.

Our colors in the vitrine series – Color Collection – are carefully selected. Well-matched colors draw reference to the Scandinavian shades and tones.

Depth in the red shades

The N1 Red vitrine cabinet signals warmth. Often, we supplement our furniture with colors in the form of pillows, blankets, candles and vases. As an expression of your personal creativity. The N1 Red vitrine cabinet defines the room without making noise. The subdued hue of the color is a subtle contrast to your accessories and raises the level of the room.

Create eye catchers with petrol green

Wallpapers in different patterns catch the eye and give your room edge. Our N1 Green vitrine cabinet compliments the exuberant walls with a calm matching hue. Petrol green provides depth and creates balance. Green tones express freshness and openness that show your personality.

Soft balance with anthracite

An anthracite vitrine cabinet has gained momentum over the last decade and is gradually becoming a solid hue in most modern homes. The color anthracite builds a bridge between black and white. A soft line that adds an elegant base to the main color of your interior decor. Our N1 Anthracite vitrine cabinet beautifully frames your black-glazed jars, cream-colored icons and a bundle of antique wooden spoons. Nordic simplicity of the interior decor is beautifully presented with anthracite as a base for your home’s color theme.