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    Although the space is cramped, Annemarie Lindebjerg is very pleased with her creative interior design solutions. She has been thinking about the interior design options from the start to get the best result.
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    In just a few square meters – yes, in short and just a single room, Annemarie Lindebjerg welcomes you to a green and natural Christmas in her apartment in Ordrup. Be inspired by the simple look that oozes coziness and less-is-more and characterize the atmosphere of the little oasis.

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    Christmas means a lot to Annemarie Lindebjerg. It is the interaction with the family that gets extra priority during that time. The Christmas atmosphere in the small room in Ordrup depends on simplicity, the season’s greenery and lots of warmth.

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  • Ugebladet SØNDAG

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    Annemarie Lindebjerg’s home in Østerbro is marked by the contrasts of the Nordic countries. A mix of soft gray-brown shades in balance with black, gray and white. It was also at that time that Lindebjerg Design’s showcase universe took its first shovel….

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    Annemarie Lindebjerg’s apartment in Ordrup has been completed to the last detail. There are toys with the few square meters of the room, which make it appear larger. Just one of Annemarie’s specialties in decorating small rooms. Look inside and see the blended mix of materials that are beautifully united on 34 square meters.

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