Image of Annemarie Lindebjerg

Meet PR and Marketing

Annemarie Lindebjerg

The daughter, Annemarie Lindebjerg has the PR and Marketing function in Lindebjerg Design. Her interest in housing and decor found her way to Mona’s interior shop in the early ’00s. A furniture universe that eventually led to contact with stylists, interior designers and home magazines.

‘My interest in housing and interior design – and good craftsmanship in general – has taken shape as I work for Lindebjerg Design. I already had the relationship with stylists as they came to the store and borrowed furniture for photo shoots. It was therefore a pleasure to be able to work with them professionally with our own brand. That relationship has evolved over the years and my home has been featured in many interior magazines – both nationally and internationally. You could say I’m the face of Lindebjerg Design’

If you are curious about Annemarie’s decor and attention to detail, take a look at the property reports here.