Image of Lindebjerg Design Vitrine production

How we produce

Our ethical perspectives

An important element is the ethical aspect of our production. We cooperate with a carpentry workshop in Poland, where good working conditions, a passion for raw materials and solid craftsmanship are part of the cooperation framework. The value of our furniture is based on the kind of perfectionism that is found in the details of passionate craftsmanship and carpentry traditions.

‘It’s a heritage we’re proud to embrace. In fact, we enjoy looking back and drawing on the age-old traditions of hand craftsmanship. This is apparent in our choice of materials, like pine and oak, and in the way we work with them’

– Mona Henriksen

Crafts with quality and pride

True to the Scandinavian design, the craftsmanship is solid, and the quality is high. Therefore, we collaborate with a partner that takes great pride in craftsmanship. It must be seen and felt that it is a piece of furniture made by humans, for humans.

Natural material and solid wood

Another element that is important to the Nordic expression is respect for natural materials. Therefore, you can easily sense the wood’s fine structure under the paint, giving the product a nice and beautiful surface. Our cabinets are made of precious pine and oak, which ensures both a high quality and at the same time gives the cabinets their unique and elegant expression.

‘Production is a matter of ethical rules. Today, people are much more aware of the choices they make, which is reflected in their lifestyle and how they celebrate and create the values in their homes. Their lifestyle is more characterized by attitudes to organic principles and fair trade, and they are careful when investing in durable furniture for their homes where family life is lived’.

– Mona Henriksen