Image of designer Mona standing next to the Classic V2 Anthracite

Meet the designer

Mona Henriksen

Mona Henriksen is a furniture designer and founder of Lindebjerg Design. Having run her own interior shop for years, she started Lindebjerg Design in 2011, where she designs vitrines and tables.

‘I’ve always found furniture fascinating. Even though it serves a practical purpose, like storage, it’s much more than that. It can affect the atmosphere in a room simply by how it looks. As though it has its own personality’

Monas choice of quality has always been: Danish produced clothes and furniture. Her daughter was dressed in clothes from well-known Danish brands using quality textiles and wool. Tv and stereo from B&O, stoneware from Danish potters and wooden tables from Danish carpentry workshops were at the same time, the few investments she made in her home.

Back in the days, in her social circle, were these selective choices not uncommon. Generally, it was a trend that marked a great generation. Within interior design, the focus was made out the mantra “less is more. These choices and beliefs have had an impact on her choice of furniture during time. Today it is still a main nerve and expressed in her choice of interiors in her home which she sees is the trend that also characterize the society today.

‘People of today are conscious consumers to whom the culture of ‘use and throw away’ is a thing of the past, and investment in design, quality and durability is a part of their mindset. I want to contribute to that attitude and mindset through my design’

During the years she has developed the corporate concept for Lindebjerg Design. New models, colors and lines have been created. The colors are matched so that they stay within the color palette that connect to with the Nordic interior style. The furniture – both vitrines and tables – are not designed to be used for just a couple of years or until the next fashion trend sets in. It is design that is an everlasting piece of furniture and created to last for generations.