Close up image of the bottom side of Lindebjerg Design Table with brand

About us

Start small to grow big

Lindebjerg Design was founded in 2011 by Mona Henriksen. From her interior shop, Portobello, in Copenhagen, the first steps were taken to what is today a furniture universe of vitrines and tables based on Nordic inspired design, craftsmanship and traditions.

The interior shop traded both Danish brands in a beautiful mix of oriental figures and vintage furniture in the best bohemian style. A furniture trend that made its mark in the ’00s and still characterizes the Scandinavian interior style.

In 2010, Mona Henriksen started a minor production of vitrines. It was a great success among the customers and soon the store was filled with cabinets in different sizes. Colors for the vitrines were carefully selected so that they matched up with the Nordic cool color palette and the interest were growing and found its way to interior magazines and stylists.

The furniture universe took its place in the field of Danish design and in 2011 the company got its own name: Lindebjerg Design.

Lindebjerg Design is today known for delivering classic and timeless furniture that are classified as a high-end product. Both vitrines and tables are being sold in most of Europe.